Girls In Music

SAE Miami & HypeGirls Presents Girls In Music

SAE Institute Miami presents the “Girls in Music” Summer Seminar Series alongside HypeGirls LLC. This will be a sequence of unique music business seminars hosted by some of the most influential women working in music today. Speakers include entertainment lawyers Jillene Dooklar & Angie Martinez, studio manager Alexus Breau, music journalists Nikki Sixx &  Jojo Fabs, Live Nation’s Isabella Acker,  Recording Academy’s Jessica Allen, Grammy U, Womazing and The Black Key Group to name a few. This limited seating event will be filled with education, music biz and complimentary food, drinks and giveaways. Bring your notebook, business cards and be prepared to network! This event is curated by women, but is open to everyone, fellows included!

Get the event schedule below and  full list of guest speakers 

Seats are limited so make sure you RSVP today by clicking HERE or email subject line GIRLSINMUSIC

*SAE students will receive lab hours for attending


July 12th: Jillene Doolkadir Esq. of Doolkadir Law

HypeGirls Jillene Doolkadir
Topics covered: LLC’s, publishing, copyright & trademark & more. Jillene will be providing free write ups and contract samples so don’t miss out!

Eventbrite - #GirlsInMusic

July 19th: Nikki Sixx, JoJo Fabs, Kassandra & Melissa of NikkiJoJoMazing

HypeGirls NikkiJojoMazing
Topics: Music journalism, content creation and content submission
Eventbrite - #GirlsInMusic

July 26th:  Angie Martinez Esq. from AMP Law, Meccalani/Universal Music Latin Entertainment

 HypeGirls Angie Martinez Esq

Topics: Touring, live show management, concert booking, event promo
Eventbrite - #GirlsInMusic


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